Boris Johnson is thinking about getting a palace

It’s easy to see why Alexandra Palace might tick so many of Boris Johnson’s boxes. A fortress on high ground, able to control and dominate North London’s most rebellious Guardianista strongholds; a large, grandiose pile, neo-classical in parts; a very long history of engagement with the media (the BBC’s first TV studio was here); and, coincidentally I’m sure, one of the three places where they count the votes at the Mayoral elections.

According to Justin Hinchcliffe of Haringey Conservatives, Boris told a Tory conference over the weekend that he is “attracted by the idea” of the Greater London Authority taking over control of the Palace from Haringey Council. He attacked Haringey’s “woeful neglect” of the place.

Justin Hinchcliffe added: “Under Haringey Labour’s mismanagement since the early 1980s, Ally Pally became a basket case. If we want to safeguard the future of the Palace and Park and protect it from dodgy development, then transfer of this great London asset to the GLA is the only answer.”

I can quite see that a palace is the logical next step for Boris. So bring it on, council tax permitting.

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