Bendy buses: at last, someone loves them

If the bendy bus was such a good idea, you’d think somebody would want to buy ours. Sadly, however, in the months since they were banished by Boris Johnson from routes 38, 507 and 521, about 80 bendies have languished in a Hackney lock-up, unloved and unwanted by any other bus company, like those little mongrel puppies in dogs’ homes that Walt Disney used to make such touching children’s movies about.

Now, at last, someone has responded to TfL’s increasingly desperate adverts in the trade press. The bus-spotters’ website, LOTS (I read it often), reports: 

“Prospects for the disposal of at least a few of the redundant Citaro artics [bendies] from London had a boost recently.  Arriva in Liverpool is to take 20 in the New Year…”

A few more may go to Brighton and one to Bournemouth. One is on trial in the Isle of Man. (How appropriate – don’t they still have the birch there? Oh, sorry, wrong kind of trial.) Others have been spotted on fittingly humiliating work (rail replacement services, and ferrying people through the mud of the Olympic Park building site.) Alas, however:

“Of the 31 artics released from the 507/521 last summer, 25 remain up for sale in the trade press.”

With 30 out of the four dozen or so from the 38 still also looking for useful employment, that makes just under three-quarters of the puppies – sorry, bendies – which are still without homes. We’ll keep you posted on which poor buggers eventually get landed with them.

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