New series: Islamist Blogpost of the Day

For the last four days, the official spokesman for the Islamic Forum of Europe, Abul Kalam, has been furiously denying to every journalist who calls that his organisation is “radical,” “extremist,” fundamentalist – or indeed anything other than really nice and cuddly.

Alas, here are the actual views of Abul Kalam, as written on the IFE’s official blog on 19 February last year. He’s not at all happy about the Government’s counter-extremism strategy, Contest 2, which disgracefully proposed to deny official funds to extremists:  

“Concepts such as Jihad, Khilafah [caliphate, a global Islamic superstate], and Shariah are rooted in our tradition. That the open and unashamed practise and propagation of homosexuality is a sin is also an established Islamic fact…. One thing will become clear if Contest 2 becomes governmental policy: There will be no hiding space for Muslim sell-outs (his itals).”

Just the fellows to exercise growing power over a democratic, secular local council, I think!

This will be the first in a series of daily extracts from Abul and his IFE blog mates. There is no shortage of material. Their posts, written when they thought no-one was looking, are an absolute goldmine of the IFE’s true, and very objectionable, views. (And it’s no good taking them down now, chaps – we’ve got printouts.) Come back every lunchtime for a new post!

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