Islamist Blogpost of the Day 5: 'Little Miss Jewess Being a Good British Citizen'

Even in the Islamic Forum of Europe, where the men, in its own words, “take all the decisions,” the IFE ladies do occasionally get an outing or two. This one’s from IFE blogger Bint Khan, on the organisation’s official blog on 13 January 2009. In it she attacks the Jewish writer Francesca Segal, who has done a wholly unobjectionable piece for the Observer about the rise in anti-Semitic hate crime in Britain during the Gaza conflict.

Francesca Segal is, says Bint Khan, “Little Miss Jewess being a good British citizen,” a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” who has written a “childish, bootlicking, pathetic” piece with “fascist, racist and malignant undercurrents.” Those fascist, racist and malignant undercurrents in full, in case you were wondering: Francesca Segal saying that she feels less safe on the Tube and accusing the British establishment of “appeasing Islamism.”

But there’s more: according to Bint Khan, a “hidden war of [pro-Jewish] propaganda” is going on in the British media. Her examples? The BBC dramatisation of the Anne Frank Diaries, and the release of the film The Reader (which is about difficulties of comprehending the magnitude of the Holocaust.)

How lucky we are to have the moderates of the IFE and the East London Mosque to remind us about the obligations of being good British citizens.

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