BNP leader's secret life revealed

By day, he runs the election for Britain’s foremost racist party, calling for foreigners to go home. By night, he sups the champagne and Ferrero Rocher with those very foreigners on the diplomatic party circuit. The London organiser of the BNP is the husband of a German Embassy diplomat and benefits from accommodation and allowances provided by the German taxpayer.

Bob Bailey also enjoys some diplomatic immunity as the family member of an envoy, though this is limited by the fact that he remains a British citizen. He has attended a number of official functions at the embassy, in Belgrave Square.

He married the diplomat, Martina Borgfeldt, in Australia in 1999 after meeting her while serving with the Royal Marines in Africa. The latest issue of the Diplomatic List shows that she is an “assistant attache” at the London embassy.

Mr Bailey is leader of the opposition on Barking and Dagenham Council, and hopes to take control of the council at next month’s elections. He gives his main home as an address in Barking and Dagenham, but in fact lives in embassy-funded accommodation in west London with his wife and two children.

The disclosure threatens to derail the BNP’s campaign to take control of Barking, as Mr Bailey appears to be in breach of rules which say that candidates seeking election to a council must live or work in the same borough.

One source close to the embassy said Mr Bailey had never even told his wife that he was a leader of the BNP and that she only found out about it when confronted recently by her superiors. “She was unaware of his alternative existence until it was recently pointed out to her, with the help of his mumblings on YouTube, by a senior member of the embassy,” he said.

Mr Bailey yesterday refused to deny this, or his marriage to Mrs Borgfeldt, or that he lived with her in west London, though he insisted he did also live in Barking. “I own that [Barking] flat,” he said. “Why don’t you focus on what we’ve got to say rather than attacking me personally?” He refused to reply to other questions from The Sunday Telegraph.

A spokesman for the embassy said: “We do know that Mrs Borgfeldt is married to this man. She does receive a married person’s allowance and accommodation. However, she is not politically active and does not work in a politically-sensitive department.”

The BNP calls for a halt to all immigration and a withdrawal from the EU. However, it has in the past had links with the far-right German fascist party, the NPD, and some of its officials recently spoke at a neo-Nazi rally in Germany. There is no suggestion that Mrs Borgfeldt is a fascist sympathiser.

Mr Bailey said last year that London was “sliding down the slippery slope to Lagos” and that “in forty years’ time, white British people will be extinguished like the American Indians.” He was recently threatened with suspension as a councillor after telling a meeting of the planning committee, considering an application for a new Nigerian church: “These people eat off the ground. We don’t want any more black children.” Last year he was banned from driving for 18 months after refusing to take a breath test, telling the court that being stopped by the police was part of a “conspiracy against me, my party and the indigeous people of this country.”

As London organiser, Mr Bailey is playing a key role in the BNP’s campaign in Barking. The party leader, Nick Griffin, is standing for the parliamentary seat against Labour’s Margaret Hodge and the BNP is also standing 34 candidates for the council’s 51 seats. However, at least three of the BNP’s other candidates also appear to be using “front” addresses in a sign that the racist party is struggling to find enough genuinely local supporters.

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