'No place for hate?' Surely some mistake…

You could not make this up. A new film, entitled No Place For Hate, has been launched at… the London Muslim Centre, part of the East London Mosque.

Tower Hamlets council, which co-funded it, says the message of the film is that the borough is “no place for hate” in which “different religious and ethnic communities can get on.”

The London Muslim Centre, readers will remember, is the place which hosted a “Spot The Fag” contest. Then there was the preacher who called for women who use perfume to be flogged; the spiritual leader of the 9/11 hijackers; an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; a man who has described music as a “fake and prohibited message of love and peace;” in total, at least 18 hate or extremist preachers over the last year or so, many of them more than once.

The mosque sometimes claims that it is simply a neutral venue which welcomes all comers. But at least one of these people has been invited officially to deliver Friday prayers. And for the rest, the mosque’s hiring policy is specific: all speakers must be approved by the mosque.

One senior leader of the  fundamentalist Islamic Forum of Europe, which controls the mosque, has written on the IFE’s blog of the need to, ahem, “hate the disbelieving actions of the non-Muslims” and said he is “working his socks off” for the creation of an Islamic superstate, run by the head of Hamas.

No place for hate, indeed!

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