Labour blogger: calling me Labour is a slur

A stiff little email arrives from one Adam Bienkov, objecting to my description of him in my last post as a “Labour blogger” and demanding a “correction” to this monstrous libel. (No correction, interestingly enough, was sought for my claim that he has a “reliable record of not knowing very much.”)

No can do, old chap. My clue to your political allegiance is in your declaration at the last London elections: “It will come as little surprise to readers that I will be voting for Ken Livingstone on Thursday.” Our memories of Ken may be fading, but I am reasonably sure he was the Labour candidate!

Lest it be thought that I am in any way critical of Adam, let me say that I revere his London politics blog, and visit often for its exciting scoops about paperclips irregularities at the fire authority. It is a priceless sociological document: a pitch-perfect expression of the sectarian Left’s impotent rage that a Tory mayor – a Tory! – can be funny and popular. Its astute deployment of Nazi slurs against its opponents blazed a path now followed by the Daily Mail.

I am slightly surprised, however, that a Labour supporter should regard the party label as so toxic that he demands a correction. Another sign of what awaits on Thursday?

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