Veronica Wadley: reach out the hand of friendship

Now that my former editor, Veronica Wadley, has been installed by Boris Johnson as chair of the Arts Council in London she will, of course, be in charge of supporting the capital’s endangered cultural treasures.

In the spirit of magnanimity in victory, can I therefore suggest an early and substantial grant for the Guardian’s Dave Hill, perhaps the most complete heritage specimen of Eighties metropolitan lefty journalism remaining in our great city.

Dave campaigned with his characteristic calm moderation against the “cronyism” of Wadley’s appointment, doing at least 45 separate pieces on it, but he probably helped her in the end. He never looked all that credible on the subject of cronyism, given his equally fervent attempts to whitewash Lee Jasper and the rest of the Ken Livingstone circus. The two cases are different, I concede. Veronica Wadley will be paid £6,400 rather than £127,000 a year and will not (I hope) give large sums of public money to close friends whom she wishes to “honey glaze.”

Some may object that Dave is not “endangered.” To which I reply: have you seen the Guardian’s latest financial results?

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