Ken Livingstone: yet another lead lifebelt

Kenneth Robert Livingstone
Kenneth Robert Livingstone

Ken Livingstone today adds to his magnificent collection of Friends You Really Shouldn’t Want (Lee Jasper, radical Islamists, etc) with the coveted endorsement of the train drivers’ union, Aslef, for his campaign to be re-elected London mayor. That’s sure to send a warm glow of approval through the capital’s swing voters, Ken!

As Aslef’s general secretary, Keith Norman, puts it: “Ken is the best candidate to fight for Londoners and stand up for the city’s overpaid, militant train drivers,” sorry “the city’s transport system.”

“Aslef will be encouraging all members in the capital to support him as Labour’s candidate for Mayor. And if we don’t get him, we’ll go on strike.” (I made that last sentence up, by the way.)

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