Fundamentalist-linked councillor's desperate last throw

Muslim fundamentalists like the Islamic Forum of Europe may want to overthrow what they call “kufr (secular) law,” but they and their friends will happily use it to serve their ends.

There are strong indications tonight that Lutfur Rahman, the IFE-linked councillor who has been barred three times by the Labour Party from the shortlist for the powerful elected mayoralty of Tower Hamlets, is now taking Labour to the High Court in his fourth, and surely most desperate, attempt to prevail. The party has today written to members, delaying the ballot to choose its candidate for a week.

As I reported before, Lutfur’s solicitor, Makbool Javaid, has had close connections with the now-banned pro-terrorist group, al-Muhajiroun. The court move, which cannot be cheap, also raises interesting questions about who’s paying Lutfur’s legal bills.

As someone who is supposed to be a politician, Lutfur needs to think about the sheer political stupidity of what he’s doing. Even if the courts put him back on the shortlist  – and party sources appear confident that their procedures will withstand legal challenge – what possible hope can he now have of winning the election as the candidate that even his party did not want? Unless, of course, he’s got some way of gathering votes that’s not available to his rivals.

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