Lutfur Rahman: more proof of his links with fundamentalism

The arms of Tower Hamlets, motto: 'From great things to greater' (Photo courtesy of
The arms of the borough of Tower Hamlets (Photo courtesy of

Six of Lutfur Rahman’s official nominators to be mayor of Tower Hamlets are people with the same names as senior office-holders and trustees of the Islamic Forum of Europe, the Muslim supremacist group that backed him for council leader, or its front organisations.

The nomination form, seen by the Telegraph, also shows that despite his claims to be running an “inclusive” campaign, all 30 of Lutfur’s nominators are Asian. So far, in a week of campaigning, his entire effort has been directed towards one part of the community, even though 65 per cent of Tower Hamlets is not in fact Bengali. As one of his supporters, Bodrul Islam, put it the other day, “the block Bengali vote will be activated like never before.”

Last night, Lutfur picked up the support of the leading IFE activist, Abjol Miah – former presenter on the IFE radio station and trustee of one of its front organisations. Abjol continues to lie about the outcome of a Press Complaints Commission complaint he made against us, claiming the PCC ruled we “breached the code on accuracy grounds” in describing him as an IFE activist. The PCC in fact ruled in our favour, saying we had provided “substantial on-the-record corroborative evidence” for our claim and stating that it “did not consider that the complainant [Abjol] had been able to establish that the article had been significantly misleading or inaccurate.”

Liars and fundamentalists – a fitting combination…

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