Lutfur Rahman charges taxpayers £72 a day for luxury Mercedes

For Lutfur Rahman, the extremist-backed mayor of Tower Hamlets, nothing is too good for the workers. First he spent £115,000 of taxpayers’ money to treble the size of his office. Now, as the East London Advertiser reports, the public is forking out £72 a day to drive Lutfur around in an E-class Mercedes.

If the vehicle is used five days a week, that is just under £19,000 a year. If it is used seven days a week, it is £26,000. This appears to be the leasing cost for the vehicle (and a quota of petrol) only. Lutfur also has a chauffeur, who appears to be taken from a pool of council-certified drivers. With salary, pension and employer’s NI, this could bring the annual cost of the Lutfurmobile to as much as £60,000.

At the same time as increasing spending on himself, Lutfur is making cuts of £70 million to Tower Hamlets’ spending on other people.

The elected mayors of neighbouring Newham and Hackney make do with their own cars, or public transport. The mayor of that not insignificant place, London, often rides a bike. None of them has an official car and chauffeur. Tower Hamlets is a very small borough with excellent public transport and very limited on-street parking. It is also a very poor borough. It will be interesting to see how Lutfur’s useful idiots on the far left spin the latest example of his progressive behaviour.

As I have always said, the takeover of Tower Hamlets by Lutfur and his backers is not simply about Islamisation. It is about self-enrichment at the expense of one of the poorest communities in the UK. More examples of that in the days and weeks ahead.

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