Tube strikes: guess who Ken Livingstone's supporting?

Ken’s efforts to woo the “squeezed middle” took another knock today when he refused to condemn some of the chief squeezers. The Tube drivers, London’s second-greediest people, announced four one-day strikes in pursuit of their modest and reasonable claim for triple pay and time off in lieu for working on Boxing Day.

This is in addition to their current breadline salaries of £45,000 a year for a 35-hour week with seven weeks’ holiday, final-salary pensions, total job security, guaranteed future above-inflation rises bringing their pay to perhaps £52,000 by 2015, a further £1200 bribe for not striking (ie doing their jobs) during the Olympics, and all for work that would not tax the physical or mental capacities of a 12-year-old.

Ken’s silence on the issue is simply explained: he is funded by the Tube unions. Over the years he has received around £140,000 in campaign donations from them, including at least £37,500 from Aslef. They can afford it, of course. But we can’t.



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