RIP Marie Colvin

Marie Colvin, who has been killed while reporting in Homs (Photo: PA)

My last meetings with the foreign correspondent Marie Colvin, who has been killed on duty in Syria today, were in Tripoli, just after Colonel Gaddafi’s compound fell to the revolution. We were all trying (and failing) to find drivers. There was virtually no traffic on the roads that day. Marie had no difficulty. She and her regular colleague Paul Conroy, the photographer, who has been injured today, swept up to my hotel on the back of a rebel machine-gun Landrover, having already been taken on a guided tour of the front line.

Until a day or so before, Tripoli had been cut off, encircled by rebel forces. At our last meeting of all, Marie – who was a great sailor – talked about how she’d planned to sail a yacht from Malta to get round the blockade. She would have done it, too, if events hadn’t overtaken her.

She was brave, and a fantastic writer, and got to all the right places at the right times. But most of all, she had style.

RIP Marie.