Boris Johnson takes 8-point lead in latest mayor poll

After more than five weeks without any mayoral voting intention polls, YouGov’s latest, just published, shows Boris regaining a clear lead over Ken Livingstone. On first preferences he is on 49 per cent to Livingstone’s 41, with Brian Paddick on 5 per cent. On the “forced choice” between the top two candidates, intended to simulate the outcome including second preferences, he leads by exactly the same margin, 8 points, 54-46. The poll was taken last week.

As YouGov’s Anthony Wells puts it:

Following a month in which he has faced criticism over his personal tax affairs, there have been significant drops in the public’s perceptions of Ken Livingstone. The proportion of people who think he sticks to what he believes in has dropped to 34% (down 6 points.) The proportion who see him as in touch with ordinary people is down to 32% (down 5 points.)

There has also been a shift in how the public perceive the respective records of the two main candidates. Last month 40% of people thought Ken had achieved more than Boris during his time as mayor with 31% thinking Boris had the better record.

Boris has now closed that gap, with 36% thinking he has achieved more, compared to Ken’s 34%.

More later.

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