Ken Livingstone: I will instruct the police to pursue illegal immigrants less

Ken has been courting the Latin American community this week. At a meeting in south London he promised an “Amigo Month” promoting Latin culture and said:

“One thing the mayor can do is to say we are two thousand police short in London. My priority is that they should be looking for serious criminals and providing protection to Londoners on the street rather than spending a large of time trying to round up hard-working illegal immigrants and deport them. That will not be my priority…

“As of this January, the mayor has much more power over policing than was the case when I was mayor, and I will work to try and shift the balance of our policing.”

It’s fractionally more subtle than the pandering last time – when he actually promised Latinos “well-paid jobs” at TfL if they voted for him. But not much.

There will also, apparently, be a “Fiesta Con Ken” in London this weekend. No, that’s not a reference to the great man’s transport policies – it’s Spanish.

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