Ken Livingstone: call a (private) ambulance!

Ken Livingstone said this week that his doctor “almost had an orgasm” at the state of his health. But as of this morning, Ken’s opponents, too, are being moved to new, unknown heights of ecstasy.

As City AM reports, the doctor who examines Ken is… er… private. This from a man who has made it a key plank of his campaign to oppose the “privatisation” of the NHS and who has, in his own words, been “writing directly to hundreds of thousands of Londoners and calling on them to text, email or write in to show their support for the NHS in London.”

How about “showing your support for the NHS” by using it, Ken?

Ken has also claimed that Boris “has failed to stand up for the NHS because he does not share its values.”

Ken’s commitment to the values of the NHS is especially clear in his tax arrangements, where one of the key taxes he avoids by channelling his earnings through a private company is National Insurance, the tax introduced specifically to fund the NHS.

Class 4 National Insurance is payable by the self-employed until the end of the tax year in which their normal retirement age falls. Ken’s 65th birthday was in June 2010, so he would have had to pay NI until April last year.

In the first year of KenCo, 2008/9, he channelled earnings of £232,550 through the company – avoiding having to pay National Insurance of £4,693.40. We can’t be sure of his savings in subsequent years because we can be less sure about his income – but on National Insurance alone, it could be as much as £21,000 over the three-year period (NI rates have risen since 2008/9.)

With this latest revelation of Ken’s hypocrisy and phoniness, I’m not sure that even the most advanced medical techniques can bring this candidacy back to life.

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