Ken Livingstone 'will send the Israelites into a tailspin'

Under the heading “London Muslims Let’s Do a Bradford and Ensure Ken Livingstone is elected Mayor,” the author of the “London Muslim” blog writes:

Bradford Muslims have shown how if you have the right policies with the right candidate you can activate the Muslim base to come out in huge numbers… our vote is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction that sends fear into the hearts of all those Israelites who have been having kittens since [George] Galloway’s election.

While Jews in London have sent warnings to Ken Livingstone to change his pro-Muslim views it is Bradford Muslims, and inshallah we London Muslims, that will fire the ultimate warning and send the Israelites into a tailspin. Bradford will be our catalyst and also a warning to you useless buffoons in the Mosques that have treated your own community with arrogance and contempt expecting us to follow your diktats.

As I reported in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, the new MP for Bradford West ran a campaign extraordinary in its naked invocation of Islam – at one rally, he actually suggested that voters would “have to answer to the Almighty” on the Day of Judgment if they did not support him. Livingstone – who’s been down at one of London’s most controversial mosques pledging to make London a “beacon” for the words of the Prophet Mohammed – is, as Nick Cohen says in today’s Observer, a kind of Galloway Lite.

The links between Ken and George are fairly close. At the last London elections in 2008, Livingstone backed  Galloway’s bid for a seat on the London Assembly. He told the East London Advertiser (25 April 2008):

I would like to think we could work together and he’d form part of a broad coalition with the Greens and us against the Tories and Islamophobes. George and I have had our differences in the past. But so have I and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Yet we’ve been able to work with each other.

He [Galloway] has taken a very correct line around the consequences for London if Boris Johnson is elected. We have so many non-entities who don’t add to the Assembly’s work and who don’t turn up for meetings. I think George would be better… if he’s elected, that is.

A few days before the election, they shared a platform in Tower Hamlets. They shared a platform again in 2010 to campaign for the borough’s controversial move to an elected mayoral system – the system that gave us Lutfur Rahman. Galloway spoke at the “Progressive London” conference, organised by Livingstone, in 2009. He used a picture of himself in a fond embrace with Ken on his election leaflet for his (sadly abortive) bid to take Poplar and Limehouse at the last general election.

Both men also, of course, enjoy the enthusiastic support of the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe, based at the East London Mosque, whose activists helped secure extraordinary – indeed Gallowayesque – swings towards Ken in Tower Hamlets in 2008, boasting that they “got the vote out” for Livingstone after he gave them half a million pounds in GLA grants, against the opposition of his senior officials.

The IFE has been even closer to Mr Galloway – as he said in a secretly-recorded tape obtained by the Telegraph and Channel 4’s Dispatches after his 2005 election victory in Tower Hamlets: “I am indebted more than I can say, more than it would be wise – for them – for me to say, to the Islamic Forum of Europe.” They played the “decisive role,” he said, in his “historic victory.”

The IFE activist Abjol Miah was one of the keynote speakers at Galloway’s “Day of Judgment” rally in Bradford last week, along with various other Respect types from Tower Hamlets – so I’m watching closely to see what, if anything, goes down in the East End at this election.

Lutfur Rahman: Galloway jets in

George Galloway (Photo: PA)
George Galloway (Photo: PA)

Funniest news of the week so far is the solemn communique on the (surely satirical) Socialist Unity website that, now Lutfur Rahman has been sacked from the Labour candidacy for Tower Hamlets mayor, George Galloway “dramatically returned to London last night” for a “lengthy meeting with his closest advisers” about being the Respect candidate.

There are two excellent reasons why it is rather unlikely that the Gorgeous One will stand. First, he would probably lose quite badly – having come third, with 17 per cent of the vote, in Poplar and Limehouse at the last election – and I’m not sure his ego could take the humiliation. Second, even worse as far as George is concerned, is the (admittedly very remote) possibility that he might win.

A Mayor of Tower Hamlets has to live more or less full-time in the borough. He has to spend long days thinking about things like drains, and housing, and similar subjects of interest to us little people. He has to give up his lucrative radio show and can no longer lead glamorous Viva Palestina convoys to the Gaza Strip. Does any of that sound like George to you?

Respect’s statement is most interesting for the fact that it appears to rule out Lutfur standing for them. The only alternative candidate to Galloway it mentions is Abjol Miah. Abjol, as this blog has explained in loving detail, is a leading activist in the fundamentalist Islamic Forum of Europe, which wants a sharia state in Europe – the same crew backing Lutfur. Sadly, Abjol too was humiliated at the last election – after taking a starring, secretly-filmed role in our Channel 4 Dispatches documentary about the IFE. He’s not going to win anything.

For the IFE and the business interests looking to take control of the borough, Lutfur is still the focus. As I said to everyone who rang up to tell me about the sacking yesterday: it’s great news, but it’s not over till nominations close on Friday. Recognising this, Labour has already whipped its new candidate’s nomination papers down to the Town Hall and had them validated.

Lutfur’s sponsors appear today to have wheeled out that solicitor of theirs – yes, the one who spoke at all those al-Muhajiroun rallies! – for another canter round the legal course. If that fails, they could still stand their boy as an independent. That, of course, would end Lutfur’s career in the Labour Party – and it almost certainly wouldn’t be enough to win him the mayoralty either. Watch this space…

PS I’m hugely enjoying the contortions of the white left as they try to somehow spin the replacement of a Bengali candidate, Lutfur Rahman, with another Bengali candidate, Helal Abbas, as a sickening manifestation of ruling-class racism. Sadly they seem to have shot themselves in the foot with their furious denunications of Abbas. Surely it’s more racist to call him an “uncle Tom” (as I’ve seen on one lefty blog) than it is to question the credentials of Lutfur Rahman, a man who is now the subject of a police report?

PPS According to Ted Jeory’s blog, a left-wing Labour National Executive Committee member, Christine Shawcroft, has posted what purports to be a full account of yesterday’s crucial NEC meeting on her website. I received the same account anonymously by email myself last night – but disregarded it as clearly selective and an attempt by the left to write instant history to set up a betrayal thesis. It’s flattering to see how often I’m mentioned – not least in the unintended compliment of La Shawcroft describing my Dispatches as “rubbish.” Why not complain to Ofcom, Christine? The inimitable Keith Vaz, who played a part in getting Lutfur’s original block overturned, had a go at me too, with a claim I can only say is completely untrue – he might be hearing from m’learned friends about that one.

Islamists are crushed in Tower Hamlets

Lutfur Rahman, the Labour leader of Tower Hamlets council backed by radical Islamists, has lost his job. At last night’s Labour group meeting, he was replaced as leader by another Labour councillor, Helal Abbas. Abbas is the man who protested last year that Tower Hamlets council was controlled by the fundamentalist Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), based at the hardline East London Mosque.

Mr Rahman is the latest casualty of the Telegraph/ Channel 4 Dispatches investigation earlier this year into the IFE’s grip on east London politics. One of the Labour MPs for the area, Jim Fitzpatrick, told us that the IFE had infiltrated his party like Militant in the 1980s. On camera, Mr Rahman squirmingly refused to deny that the IFE had helped secure his election as leader. Many other Labour councillors told us that he and his administration were heavily influenced by the IFE.

The IFE, which believes in transforming Western democratic government into Islamic government, campaigned heavily against Mr Fitzpatrick – but he comfortably secured re-election. Most of the Islamist-influenced figures we identified in the film have since suffered a rapid deterioration in their careers.

As well as Mr Rahman, Lutfur Ali, the IFE-linked assistant chief executive of the council, lost his job as a result of the programme. The Respect party’s Abjol Miah, an activist in the IFE, came third with 16 per cent of the vote in the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency – and is no longer a councillor. Respect, which won 12 seats at the  2006 council elections, is now down to just one seat. Respect’s George Galloway, who boasted that he “owed more than I can say” to the IFE, was humiliated, also coming third in Poplar and Limehouse and failing even to turn up to the count.

The fight is not over. Later this year, Tower Hamlets will hold its first election for a directly-elected mayor. The IFE described in undercover footage taken by Channel 4 how it was organising to “get one of our people in” to the job. It will now be pouring all its resources into the effort to secure victory for its candidate. But given the way it has been pushed back this week, the auguries look hopeful.

George Galloway loses rather a lot of money

After Lutfur Ali and Muslim Aid, the Curse of Gilligan has landed on another IFE ally. Respect’s George Galloway is £100,000 a year poorer this week after parting company with TalkSport, the radio station where he presented The Mother Of All Talk Shows on Friday and Saturday nights.

Mr Galloway says: “After a run of more than four years the highly popular radio show – The Mother of All Talkshows – has been killed off by the TalkSport management. I believe this is a business mistake, but then I don’t run the radio station and such decisions are not mine to take….It is unlikely that the TalkSport management will change their mind and re-instate the show – but you never know.”

Mr Galloway, of course, is the man who owes, in his own words, “more than I can say, more than it would be wise for me to say” to the Islamists. Could this have played any part in his demise? Not for me to say, your honour.