Islamist Blogpost of the Day 6: We Are All Working Our Socks Off for an Islamic Superstate

Here’s Azad Ali, the Islamic Forum of Europe’s community affairs co-ordinator (and adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions,  confidant of police chiefs, former head of the Civil Service Islamic Society, etc) talking about the IFE’s ambition to create a global Islamic superstate, the caliphate or Khilafah. And look who he wants to run it!

“We are all working our socks off, in different ways, for the resurgence of the Khilafah… my vote for the title of Amir al-Mu’mineen [head of the caliphate] would have to go to Ismail Haniyeh.”

Ismail Haniyeh is the head of Hamas – an organisation defined as terrorist by the British Government. Not that that’s stopped the IFE praising it at every possible opportunity. If Haniyeh turns up as the next leader of Tower Hamlets Council, you’ll know who to blame…