David Cocks: police commissioner candidate who hired a killer

Another story in today’s paper about the increasingly Wacky Races that is the police and crime commissioner election:

In his campaign to be Suffolk’s new police and crime commissioner, David Cocks speaks of his time running a “successful” out-of-hours GP service and promises “no hiding place for criminals.”

What Mr Cocks does not mention is that his company, Take Care Now, employed the notorious killer doctor, Daniel Ubani, and was savaged by a coroner for its involvement in “gross negligence and manslaughter” after he killed a patient with a massive drug overdose.

Take Care Now responded to the tragedy by telling Dr Ubani to go home to his native Germany – where he has successfully found a hiding place, evading all British police attempts to extradite him for homicide.

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In this election, “independent” may prove a label attractive to many voters, 61 per cent of whom think that party politicians should not control the police. But the thing is, not all independents are like Martin Bell. The cases of David Cocks – and Mervyn Barrett, who I wrote about last week – show that the banner of “independence” can conceal links far worse than to a political party. Mr Cocks’ campaign material describes the GP out-of-hours service he ran as “successful.” Mr Barrett, who has now resigned, admitted to me on Friday that he’d known for months that his campaign manager, Matthew “de Unger” Brown, was a convicted fraudster. The idea of a known criminal being allowed to run the campaign of a would-be police and crime commissioner makes the head spin slightly.

At least with a party, you have some idea of what you’re getting. On the other hand, that might not be too good either. As we also report today, several Labour PCC candidates appear to have been funded or supported by unions representing the very police staff they’ll have to be dealing with if they win the job.