Boris Johnson: get a grit


At about 2pm yesterday afternoon the Mayor tweeted: “Vast amount of snow but tube and buses coping well. London open for Christmas shopping.”

Five hours later, this was the picture on the TfL service status page (the sections of line on the map were those with problems):


If we are, as predicted, in for a hard winter, the meltdown of the transport network whenever there is more than a flake of snow will do huge damage to London’s economy. Another interesting thing, though, is that several of the delays weren’t snow-related, but due to signal failures, train breakdowns and the like.

Transport for London is the most generously-funded operator in Britain, by a massive margin. A substantial proportion of its network is protected from snow by being underground (including about 95% of the Circle Line, which nonetheless still manages to suffer “severe delays.”) When is Boris going to get a grip on this bloated behemoth?